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What is Feng Shui and How Will That Support Me in Living a Fulfilling Life?


Feng Shui is a way of life and is called the Chinese Art of Placement. Through using Feng Shui tools you can arrange your environment to support and enhance your career, relationships, creativity, wealth, health and spirituality. Imagine your home being a sacred sanctuary that is rejuvenating, peaceful, inspiring and uplifting. Where every room has comfortable inviting furniture and artwork that reflects who you are now and who you are becoming. Where all of your belongings have a home, so you can easily find things, making it easier to focus and concentrate. There is a feeling of joy and happiness in your home as well as peace and tranquility.

sunny-yellow-living-room-w-fan-9272838The art and practice of Feng Shui sees your home as a mirror of your inner consciousness which is reflected in your environment. The quality of your life and environment are dynamically connected. Often times what once worked well in our environment and our life is now outdated and no longer supports who we are now. A Feng Shui consultant can objectively see if your home environment is blocking or supporting your goals for a fulfilling life. Feng Shui enhancement suggestions can be simple, easy and inexpensive including guidance on clearing clutter.