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What is Integrative Transformational Coaching?

depositphotos_46342155-metaphor-about-the-stress-andCoaching is a process and dynamic relationship between a coach and client. My approach to coaching is to facilitate your journey and exploration towards fulfillment of your goals. Knowing you are creative and resourceful, I help you discover what’s right for you via discussion, brainstorming and reflective exercises. We start to look at what your deepest values are and what’s important to you before we clarify goals and action plans. I ask powerful questions, listen deeply and follow my intuition to guide you to the next step. The homework assignments and action steps are the vehicle to move you closer to your goals. I celebrate your success and help you discover the learning when things do not turn out as expected.

Often your deeper vision, soul’s purpose and fulfillment is revealed. It then becomes a journey of a deeper desire of what fulfills your heart and soul. Coaching requires intention, commitment and stretching beyond our comfort zones.

My approach to life coaching is unique in that I utilize my skills and experience as a Feng Shui consultant to help my clients arrange their home so that their environment supports them in living a fulfilling life rather than working against their vision and goals.

I also bring to the coaching process my experience as a Certified Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness facilitator to help my clients transform beliefs, unconscious blocks, patterns, habits, sabotaging behaviors, emotional challenges, stress and anxiety that distract them from attaining their goals.
It has been my experience with myself and the hundreds of people I have worked with, how important having a high level of energy, health and wellbeing is to a fulfilling life. It is very hard to be powerfully engaged and focused in your life if you are not experiencing optimal levels of health and wellbeing.