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What Is Shivam Doing When She Is Not Coaching?

The current crazy political climate has brought me to a newfound passion of engaging in heartfelt, kind and compassionate political activism. I can be found at rally’s, marches and on the phone, sending emails or signing petitions that support making this world a place of equality, justice and caring for the welfare of all humans, animals and the environment.

One of my favorite ways to rejuvenate and nourish my soul is to spend time in nature, particularly forests with lots of trees and wildlife. This is a great way to decompress from urban living and technology and excess EMF’s. My husband and I also love going to Hawaii to enjoy the beauty, slower pace and to immerse ourselves in the beautiful, warm, turquoise, clear water, hike, swim with dolphins and turtles and smell the Plumeria’s.

One of my passions is being around horses. Horses and Equine Facilitated Therapy has played a big part in healing my nervous system. I love playing and meditating with horses at Liberty. Which means the horses are free in a turnout with no halter or lead rope, and using body language, connecting and engaging with each together in a mutual choice to be together and play. It’s a fun dance that requires that you are mindful and present.

I am a vegetarian and I love to cook! This is another passion of mine – eating healthy, live organic food! I love playing with recipes, using them as a foundation from which my own creativity can take flight!

My passion and interest in Mindfulness besides my daily Mindful Meditation, is practicing being present in my life. I have found life to be much more fulfilling when I am present and connected to whatever I am doing. A fun game I like to play is using transitions throughout the day to be my mindful wake up bell.

For example: As I walk downstairs to the kitchen, I feel my feet on the stairs, the rhythm of my breath, I notice the paintings on the wall in the living room as I pass through, the Hibiscus tree in front of the window, the teal color of the couch and maroon throw, and the collection of cat toys. So every time I transition from one activity to another, it becomes my reminder bell to pay attention and connect with my surroundings, body sensations, my breath, and any thoughts or emotions. Even mundane activities we normally resist can become more fun and engaging this way.

I don’t watch much TV but when I do, it needs to be funny so I watch Stephen Colbert’s Late Show and Trevor Noah’s Daily Show with an occasional SNL. If I had HBO I would be watching The Bill Maher Show and John Oliver.

I prefer reading a good book to watching TV. I read personal growth, spiritual and really good non- violent mystery kind of books. I also am a voracious reader of anything having to do with horses and healing in the Equine Facilitated Therapy realm.

Another favorite pastime of mine is purging, organizing and rearranging my house. I think I have always been this way even before I studied Feng Shui. My office and files both paper and electronic HAVE to be well organized so that I can finds things instantly. Otherwise stress and frustration creeps in and I become a grumpy bear. And there is something very satisfying and fulfilling about getting rid of things I no longer love, wear, use or is broken and I honestly know I am not going to fix it.

And of course my little kitty, Sachi, makes sure I take breaks throughout the day to play with her. She jumps up on my desk at regular intervals with her favorite toys. I think she is actually very tuned in and is supporting my health and wellbeing by getting me to get up from my chair in front of the computer and take a needed break for my eyes that have been relentlessly staring at the screen and also to stretch and move around a bit.